..::Nowa Piosenka Queens of the Stone Age - "My God Is The Sun" & "Kalopsia"::..

KTO: Queens of the Stone Age 

CO:"My God Is The Sun", "Kalopsia"

Utwory z najnowszego albumu Queens Of The Stone Age - "...Like Clockwork"

Okładka albumu "...Like Clockwork"

Spis utworów na albumie "...Like Clockwork"

1."Keep Your Eyes Peeled"  5:04
2."I Sat by the Ocean"  3:55
3."The Vampyre of Time and Memory"  3:34
4."If I Had a Tail" (featuring Alex TurnerNick Oliveri and Brody Dalle)4:55
5."My God Is the Sun"  3:55
6."Kalopsia" (featuring Trent Reznor)4:38
7."Fairweather Friends" (featuring Elton JohnTrent ReznorNick Oliveri and Mark Lanegan)3:43
8."Smooth Sailing"  4:51
9."I Appear Missing"  6:00
10."…Like Clockwork"  

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