..::Nowy Teledysk Olly Murs - "Army Of Two"::..

KTO: Olly Murs 

CO: "Army Of Two"

Drugi singiel z albumu "Right Place Right Time".

Okładka albumu "Right Place Right Time"

Spis utworów na albumie "Right Place Right Time" :

  1. ‘Army Of Two’

  2. ‘Troublemaker’ Feat. Flo Rida

  3. ‘Loud & Clear’

  4. ‘Dear Darlin”

  5. ‘Right Place Right Time’

  1. ‘Hand On Heart’

  2. ‘Hey You Beautiful’

  3. ‘Head To Toe’

  4. ‘Personal’

  5. ‘What A Buzz’

  6. ‘Cry Your Heart Out’

  7. ‘One Of These Days’ 

The deluxe version also includes the following additional tracks:

  1. ‘Runaway’

  1. ‘Sliding Doors’

  2. ‘Perfect Night (To Say Goodbye)’

  3. ‘The One’

  4. ‘Troublemaker’ (Live)

  5. ‘Army Of Two’ (Live)

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  1. Dobry kawałek i dobra płyta, ale moim ulubionym utworem Mursa, chyba na zawsze pozostanie "Busy" :)