..::Nowy Album Justin Timberlake - "The 20/20 Experience"::..

KTO: Justin Timberlake 

CO: "The 20/20 Experience"

Okładka albumu "The 20/20 Experience"

Spis utworów na albumie "The 20/20 Experience" :

1."Pusher Love Girl"
2."Suit & Tie" (featuring Jay-Z)
 3."Don't Hold the Wall"
 4."Strawberry Bubblegum"
 5."Tunnel Vision"
 6."Spaceship Coupe"
 7."That Girl"
 8."Let the Groove Get In"
 9."Mirrors" (featuring Timbaland)
10."Blue Ocean Floor"

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Album "The 20/20 Experience" Part I:

Album "The 20/20 Experience" Part II:

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