..::Nowy Album Tori Amos - "Gold Dust"::..

KTO: Tori Amos

CO: "Gold Dust"
13 studyjny album Amos.
Płyta zawiera utwory wydane na poprzednich albumach artystki w nowych aranżacjach.
Album jest promowany singlem i teledyskiem do utworu "Flavor".

Okładka albumu "Gold Dust"

Spis utworów na albumie "Gold Dust":

1."Flavor" (from Abnormally Attracted to Sin; 2009)
2."Yes, Anastasia(from Under the Pink; 1994)
3."Jackie's Strength(from From the Choirgirl Hotel; 1998)
4."Cloud on My Tongue" (from Under the Pink; 1994)
5."Precious Things" (from Little Earthquakes; 1992)
6."Gold Dust" (from Scarlet's Walk; 2002)
7."Star of Wonder" (from Midwinter Graces; 2009)
8."Winter(from Little Earthquakes; 1992)
9."Flying Dutchman" (from "China" single; 1992)
10."Programmable Soda" (from American Doll Posse; 2007)
11."Snow Cherries from France" (from Tales of a Librarian; 2003)
12."Marianne" (from Boys for Pele; 1996)
13."Silent All These Years(from Little Earthquakes; 1992)
14."Girl Disappearing" (from American Doll Posse; 2007)

4 komentarze:

  1. The best of the best, love it

  2. I like better th original versions.But Precious things and Flying dutchman sound very powerful :)

  3. Some of them are better but not all...imo

  4. I like all the selection, emphasizing Flying Dutchman, except Marianne (not I find striking in any way, though the arrangements are amazing). I was impressed by the song Maybe California (was tedious in the original version). It would have been great to collect songs unremembered albums: The power of orange knickers, Martha's foolish ginger, Josephine or Bliss.